Monthly Archives: June 2004

CMS – Continual Migrane Strain

I am working on the CMS for the site. It is a painstaking process that I don’t want to ever have to do more than once. Therefore I am designing it first to be flexible to any site. This is a wise investment of my time. This means that it will wallow in the design pool for a little while until it is time to begin coding. Once that time has come it will be a matter of days before that is done and you see daily posting and updates. Until then you, and by you I mean all maybe one person who reads this site (me), must wait for regular updates. Until then, go shatter a cube! (I am not responsible for any damage to cubes or other geometrical objects.)

Oh an updating we will go…

Been updating here or there (can never really make up my on which it is here or there) during my free time. The CMS is on it’s way to getting…started. The sooner I do this the better because as of now updating is a not so fun task. I also need to work on a way to get at the past posts becasue I have now posted on the front page more than 5 times. I doubt anyone will ever go back and read those posts other than me but it is still something that I need to fabricate.

That’s all for now folks, have a nice day.

Have you shattered a cube today?