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A Foul Furnace Fumble

In today’s computer age, referrals and customer loyalty are the keys to success.  Small and Large companies alike rely on word of mouth advertising.  Hence the insurgence of viral marketing.  While this can provide tremendous benefit to some companies, it can be a veritable minefield for others.  Such is the case with McQuillan Brother’s Plumbing and Heating.

As some of my readers (Hello all 3 of you!) may know, my best friend Justin recently purchased a home.  He lives there with his wonderful new wife Amber.  There couldn’t be a kinder couple on the face of the earth.  They were looking forward to married life and enjoying the company of each other in their newly purchased house.  They took all the right steps and precautions in purchasing the house.  They had help from experienced home buyers and were fortunate enough to be buying the house from a very nice couple.

During the routine inspections, they had the furnace inspected.  Part of the closing agreement was to ensure that the furnace did not need to be “red tagged” (read: replaced).  The inspector from McQuillan gave them the green light and the house was eventually closed on.

Fast forward a few months.  The furnace has since the inspection not been used and we find ourselves in a frustrating situation.  This is because in an unrelated incident the A/C unit had gone out.  A different company was brought in to replace the A/C unit.  At no cost, the new company performed an inspection of the furnace.  It was at this point that the furnace was “red tagged.”  Keep in mind that the furnace had not been used , if even touched, since McQuillan inspected the furnace.

McQuillan is now fighting tooth and nail to try escape responsibility for poor quality of work.  It’s down right offending to find a company who has no customer loyalty or honor.  They must take no pride in the work they deliver.  If they can’t back up every inspection they do, they don’t deserve to be in business.

If you want to read more about this, make sure you head over to Justin’s site where he gives a much better explanation of why you and anyone you know should avoid ever doing business with McQuillan Brother’s Plumbing and Heating.

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Worklog: Mighty Mite (03)

I finished the build Friday night.  Here are the pics.  So far Vista 64 is up and running very smooth.  I’m all updated and ready to go.  The other two boot options are not installed.  I’m having issues with APIC.  It’s apparently not too uncommon.  I will have to look more into it.  I’m in the process of cleaning up the old computer as it moves onto data duties or as a “new” computer for the parents.  I’ve made a post over at HardOCP as a work log as well.  Here are the pics:

Link to SmugMug with all 98 pics