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This is sweet

This will be a very short post, but if you have ever seen the Monty Python lego thingy-ma-bob then you will want to see this.

SpiderMan Lego Style

That is all, go shatter a cube.

It’s Tuesday, no?

Well hello and welcome to the Shatteredcube, I will be your extremely pleased web master today. On your journey I hope you discover wonder, meriment and joy; much as I did myself today.

As good as today was, I must first give a note and a prayer for my girlfriend, Elizabeth. She has quite a task on her shoulders this semster. Her professors, in their infinite wisdom, find in necessary to assign large amounts of reading, papers and busy work. For this they will ever be filled under E for Extremely Evil. I won’t be able to see her as much as I want to but not all is bad; for God is not without sympathy. It so happens that I get to walk with her to class 4 of 5 days and there are many times during the day where I get to spend more than just a glancing conversation with her. The bright side is always brighter when it involves the one you love.

Ok back to my day…

My class today (Accounting 3001) wasn’t particularly entertaining but I did find time to read my financing for tomorrow. I went to InFO and we kicked off the semster to a lack luster attendence. We are attempting to rectify that problem and since I am the only memeber of “last year’s” board still on the board, they are looking to me for guidance. I’ll help as much as I can but I my role was and mostly is webmaster. It’d be nice to take on more of a leadership role now that I can attend the meetings unlike last semester.

Alright, so after my meeting (with free food!) and the board discussions I headed off, caught the bus and walked to Great Clips from Moos Tower. Did I forget to mention that the Bus driver was the Jazz Man. I mean holy crap! That is how you really kick your day up a notch. If you don’t know who the jazz man is, click on <- said link and check it out. Right so great clips...there is no wait and I get the best hair dresser there. You know, not gay, male, foreign or ugly. (I apologize if that offends anyone but, bugger off.) Once again I return to the sun and enjoy my nice long walk home. The doors were open and I didn't have to swipe my card once. What a way to put a guy in a good mood. I just wanted to spread the joy so much. So I IMed JJ and told him to come on over so we could play some axis and allies. I proceeded to storm Ukraine with extremely little casualties. That's where our game ahd to halt for he was off to see his girly friend. I don't really know her but I wish her well with life. I watched Chops play some Halo 2, which is hilarious.

Alright so I update the musings with a new Movie and 5 new images. These items are form my electronic art class so be sure to check them out. I’m always open to feedback, negative or positive. I will be putting up the RSS flash device sometime soon as wella s my final that I did for the class. I think the final was the best artitisic and fairly original work that I have ever done. In the meantime I am working on how I want to integrate those into the site.

I’m going to head off now. Next time I am back I think I will relate the story of my christmas vacation in Germany as well as add those features to the site. For now it’s homework time and time to get ready for more Axis and Allies with JJ.

Shatter a cube internet voyeurs, shatter a cube.

2005 – The year of the Change

I’m tired of being lazy. It really doesn’t help me achieve anything and in the end it leaves you with regrets and nothing to show for it. Much like this site. I get moments of genius where great things occur. These brief moments of infinity dispearse as quickly as they are formed and I am left with something that gets forgotten and weathered. I realized that if I am to do anything with my life worth humanity remembering then I am going to need to buckle down and actually apply myself. I don’t want to jump in too quickly for fear of drowning, but I hope to get some routines down and actually achieve something. The past semester was a good example. I pulled out 4 As and a B, to which I was very pleased. Now I hope to maintain that academic track and pave a new way down a physical track. If my mind and my body are conditioned I think I will have an easier time focusing and applying myself to difficult and consuming tasks.

If at anytime you feel I am slacking I would appreciate it if you would yell at me and get me back on task. I realize that it will not be easy for me, but it is something I want to achieve. As for now I am going to make some food and play video games. Luckily I achieved everything on my check lists, minus purchasing my books, or else I would be upset at me playing video games.