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Moving Day!

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So it has come to the long awaited moving day; coincidently the same time as the long awaited post. Indeed, it is that time of year again. Time for hard working young adults to step back and view what they have accomplished during there well earned time off. The stockpile of money and the nice bronze tan or perhaps it was spent with fevered effort knot tying class. Yes, it’s time to put away those efforts to focus on a higher degree of learning, college.

College is a grand place where you learn to deal with everyday BS along with your abnormally large loads of BS. To alleviate some pressure and tension from everyday life the average college student resorts to alcohol or drugs. They take these special moments to reflect on why they are in college and who their true friends are. And while they are sitting there with their head pressed against the soothing cool porcelain they truly gain respect for life. A respect thatcan be gained no where else. A repsect that truly shows you a whole new world.

And back to the subject in 3…2…1…Thus it is time for me to move into my apartment. I’ll be living on campus with 3 of my good friends that I met last year. Things are looking to be a good time. I’ve got great classes, I’m living with great people and I’ve got a great desire to succeed more than anyone can predict. I really feel like this year will be a defining year in my life.

With this I take a step in the direction of freedom. Some would say that at this age it is the desire to just be free of your parents. However, I may be one of the few that do not feel tied down in the least by my parents. They support me and try to help me with every opportunity. They are there when I need help or advice. Basically, I couldn’t become a great music artist because I don’t hate my parents. No, I don’t feel like I’m breaking any bonds. I feel like I am the young bird who has finally sprouted wings and I wish to fly for myself now. In my mind it is my duty to become independent and self sufficient. I’d like to think of it as social Darwinism and I’d rather be one of the few at the top rather than one of the many at the bottom.

I am pretty excited about this year and I look forward to it. Who knows, it might end up with me moving to a new state. Maybe I’ll start a new life. Maybe JRCA will take off. Maybe I’ll become a monk. Maybe I’ll tour Europe. The great part is I don’t know, but I am glad that I have the possibilities. Remember that you only get to live once, if you’re not happy then make it better. No use in complaining, that never really helped anyone. That enough one liners to keep ya happy? No? how about, it is always better to remain quiet and be assumed a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Hmmm good advice…

Go shatter a cube (Justin you stole this and I am glad you have returned it to its proper place. In all honesty I laughed.)

Run little monkey run!

School is over…for summer, not as in I get summer off I mean summer school is over. No, it wasn’t the remedial type of summer school, although I was an idiot so I had to take a class over. If I were you I would actually attend more than one lecture of a class and stay awake during discussions. So where I had originally gotten a D without actually knowing anything I managed to get an A. A very high A as well too. I finished the final in less than an hour and we were given 2. I was the last to start it and the first to finish it. After this expereince I have to say that the best math classes are the fast math classes. We put into 8 weeks what the normal one did in 4.5 months. That pace was far to slow for me and put me to sleep which in turn caused me to do poorly in the class. In the end my lesson is learned and I came out with the results that I wanted from this class (did I mention that it is an elective now that I changed my major?)

Went to a drive-in tonight where god tempted us with a little rain but eventually gave up on ruining our night. A drive-in for those who don’t know (Which is one person, my friend TJ who managed to make it to 19 without knowing this), is where you take a car and watch a movie on a giant outdoor screen using your car stereo as the makeshift surround sound dolby digital 5.1 system. We had two movies on the docket this evening. The first being the Bourne Supremecy whcih turned out to be a fairly decent movie. Although I don’t think it was as good as the first it did provide some entertaining scenes and a rather stupendous bit where the hero actually doesn’t appear to be invicible. I like it when directors and screenwriters break the bounds of the natural rythm of movies. The same followed with The Village which came next in our evening of entertainment. A very good promotional job was done to promote this movie as one type of film but surprise movie goers with a totally different type of movie. If you analyze the movie it can turn out to be very deep. I won’t give much away, but if you have yet to see it and desire to see it I would say go in with an open mind. Do not expect the scariest horror you have ever seen. Rather a well put together movie that examines the human being in a different way than we are used to.

Let’s see now, ah yes — tomorrow or today since it is 3 in the mornign and I have to get up in 5 hours, yippee!, I will be paintballing like a baller — werd! Yep I will go paintballing for the second time in my life. First time at an outdoor field which I am extremely excited to partake in. I’ll be out there with my friend JJ, he’s got made skillz with the video games and he’s asian, so I am naturally thinking he will be good at this.

On tuesday I will be attending a liquid force tour that is stopping at a local lake. I will get to demo some equipment and I might actually make a purchase following this. I hope it will be a great time because I took work off so I could attend it. It starts at 8AM so I won’t be getting any sleep on my day off, in fact I don’t get any sleep ever. Maybe tomorrow night because I don’t have school so I can sleep-in in the morning. After tuesdays’ day of wakeiness fun I might start doing full time hours. Which means I will be at the shop from 6:30 to 3 or 4 or 5 or 6, basically until they say I can go home. At least I will be earning some cash so I can afford the wakeboard and afford the paint balling and whatever expenses I happen to incur this year.

It’s getting kind of late and I’m afraid my spelling/gramatical erros will coem back to haunt me so I figure it’s a good time to stop and run away from them.

Good night everybody and go shatter a cube.