Monthly Archives: August 2005

LP-Summa Style

It’s been a while since I did one of these:

Don’t let your parents see this one

How fricken sweet is this?

Even if you’re female you will laugh.

Just a few to wet your pallet, now shatter something.

The Summer of Anti-Post

As some of you may have noticed, there haven’t been very many posts. The only explanation I have for this is that I have been busy doing what seems as I reflect…nothing. I have failed to observe the detail that lies hidden in the obviously normal. Hopefully I will get better at it as the school year starts to wind up.

I am working, although not as productively as I would like, on a website wizard tool for a JRCA product. More details will follow when it is launched.

I hope to add a new "segment" for lack of a better word (perhaps essays?) to the site. I plan to write my thoughts on current topics of interest, such as:

Video Game Violentce, Global Economics, Global Politics, US Media Censorship, Racism and other topics that I would like to discuss with my readership.

Also with my new phone and Blue Tooth capabilities I would like to ad a segment where I use it to take a daily picture.

My current project, aside from what I have said, is to build my own custom computer/homework/drawing desk. I also want to "Pimp my" Computer.

Have a good time in the rest of the summer everyone.

shatter the norm!