Monthly Archives: November 2004

Boring eh?

Apparently this site is boring.

I can understand how one might draw this conclusion. But as the old addage goes, “One can only be bored if one is boring.” If that doesn’t say 😛 ::Pronounced “mmmmm”::, well then I don’t know what does. In fact I don’t even want to know because I can only imagine that it is a supreme tool of evil.

Alrighty now for the short, sweet, and more than likely average length update post. Things have worked out with my girlfriend. They actually worked themselves out quite some time ago (due to this bi monthly posting schedule) and we are both happily still together.

For my electronic art class I have had to make a number of works that I hope to get uploaded into the musings page. This shouldn’t be too far off into the future. It will be a little delayed because I have a flash interface for shatteredcube that I am working on for the class as well. The flash interface is “super cool” and will make you “happy long time.” It will act as an RSS reader as well and hopefully you will find yourself using it in your daily life.

I’m starting to do more design work once again. This is a very good thing because I feel lazy when I don’t have some kind of project to work on. Note that school projects don’t count because often times the projects themselves are unmotivated and how can you expect the student to be motivated with such apathy. I am the web designer for a student org here at the university. The hastle I went through to get them a solid web page is a very annoying one. Let’s just say that a certain business school that teaches so much about quality and customer service, could learn a valuable lesson from themselves.

Halo 2 arrived. That is not good because it takes up a significant amount of my time. However if you’re ever on my game tag is simland. In line with that my sleep schedule is messed up. My naps are longer than my sleep at night now. But I have to stay up to catch futurama and family guy.

Ok done updating now apprentice is on and I just watched OC (got out of class early, yea!). So go do what you do, be happy, don’t be bored and whatever you don’t and I mean don’t sit around just thinking about shattering a cube, go and do it already!