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House Hunting

Across the universe. On the star ship enterprise, under Captain Kirk!

Kids grow up so fast these days. We are looking for houses and finding!

A Lesson in Movies

Star Trek is fantastic. I don’t care who you are. At some level you should be able to appreciate the movie. My only piece of advice, to those who may not be “Trekkies” or “Trekkers”, is try to see the movie with others who aren’t familiar with the lore. The movie may not be as good if you realize that you are missing out on a TON of inside jokes. That is all.

As a movie it should shine as an example. Well paced, good action, nice plot, logical beginning, middle and end; simply put, it had all the right components. Let this be a lesson for you James Bond series. STOP SUCKING!

Seriously, don’t see Quantum of Solace. Most disappointing movie – ever.


Of All Time.