Monthly Archives: March 2009

Not so perfect moments

On the heels of perfect moments – I suppose it is fitting that I write about not so perfect moments.

My car was broken into last Friday. They must have been watching and waiting to see specific activity because they knew exactly what they wanted out of my car and where to find it. Pity they weren’t elegant and had to force their way in through my passenger side window.

Happened near Quigley’s residence. So keep your eyes open for suspicious activity. It’s a very upscale area, but I guess that’s why criminals patrol there.

Quigley was amazingly helpful in covering up the window. Thank you quigley for helping out during the sad situation. I’m going to try and post some photos, but I’m on the iPhone so we will see.

Anyway it’s deductible city now. The car should be in working order by the weekend.