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I picked up both of my suits today. They fit pretty dang well. I could get used to this custom tailored lifestyle.

In an entirely different category of suits, I picked up a goalie chest protector last week from play it again. It was a “sorta” birthday present for JJ because he can use it when we play now. I was able to use it yesterday when we played hockey with Elizabeth’s family. I stepped in goal and used my pads along with her brother Scott’s pads. Being a goalie is certainly different from being a regular player. It worked my legs a lot more. All the up and down is tiring but exhilarating when you make the stop.

What do you want?

Yesterday (yes, I’m posting a little late, but streaks add unnecessary pressure), was indeed a fun night. After doing some laundry I made my way downtown. The traffic had mysterious slow downs along the way, further proving that humans beings don’t deserve the right to drive. After an abnormally long trip, I stopped to pick up some Subway and some more of that wonderful Winter Bourbon Cask Ale. We watched a snippets of a variety of movies while we waited for all parties to arrive. Elizabeth showed up after her work party. The week can get long and it’s not uncommon for me to go without seeing her 4-5 days at a time. After a little pre-party we made our way to Blarney’s. We secured ourselves a place by the fire and proceed to have a good time. The band was a fantastic cover band. They knew a huge variety of songs. I think their name was “4 Degrees”, but I wasn’t in control of all my faculties so I could be wrong. I got a shout out by the band because I was the only one to cheer when they announced that the drummer was going to play the tambourine. That started off the repertoire between the band and our group. It certainly paid off when Greg humorously requested “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” Fully not expecting it to happen, we were all surprised when the band said they knew that one. They would play it but with one caveat; he had to get up and dance. Greg being his big shy self had no real desire to do that. So I told our waitress Katie to pull his butt up there and make him dance. She was successful in getting him up there but if I remember correctly when she found out what the song was she went away and left poor Greg all by himself. Enough peer pressure and the band already playing, Greg remained up on the stage and danced his usual “Greg” style dancing. (It’s something you must see, it’s glorious.) The brave soldier remained up there and things were looking for the worse when some angel from no where shows up to join Greg on the dance floor. Pretty fun night, Laurence and Chris showed up and brought with them a game I haven’t played since high school. (The one where you make the “OK” symbol below your waist somewhere and if you get someone to look at it you get to punch them in the shoulder. Childish, but all in all pretty funny.) Overall, very fun night; capped off with some Burrito Loco. (Attendance: Myself, Elizabeth, JJ, Chops, Greg, Casey, Laurence, Chris)

Today, I yet again drove downtown, but for a much more healthy reason. With the arrival of winter, comes snow and ice. That means that it’s time for 2 of my most favorite things: skiing and hockey. Today was spent playing hockey and Van Cleve Community Park. We spent most of the time trying to deke each other. After that, JJ put on his Goalie pads (At least the pads that he has accumulated so far. He’s still trying to piece together a full set. A for effort!) We started shooting on him in our little open ice area, using our imaginations to figure where the goal should be. After the sun set we remained on the ice and as the rinks cleared out we finally got JJ in a goal where we shot on him some more. Pretty upsetting that the warming house wasn’t open past 3pm on a Saturday; which also meant that the lights wouldn’t come on. After we were tired enough and no longer able to see it was time to split ways. They have something to attend tonight and I have other things to do. Pretty sore right now, but the hot shower felt good. JJ just notified me that apparently one of my shots broke his cell phone. What his cell phone was doing in his pocket while he was playing goalie, will remain a mystery but that’s sad news none the less. Perfect time to buy a new cell phone I say 🙂

As far as the site goes. You may or may not notice that the new site has now taken over shatteredcube.com and is finally settled into its permanent home. This means that everyone will need to update their RSS feed. You can do this at the bottom of the web page. Click on the RSS link and if you have Firefox add it to your live bookmarks. (I’m ignorant to the workings of IE or other browsers, sorry!)

I forgot to add a list of movies that I want for Christmas as well, but rather than post them I’d like to ask my readership what it is that they want most for Christmas? If you happen to have a different faith, then what would you like for your respective holiday?