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There is a balance

Well the highlight of yesterday was winning my Nascar face-off, quite soundly with my drivers finishing 1st, 2nd and 17th. This helped me to beat Justin who was more than equal throughout the entire race. A few lucky breaks helped me clutch victory however. Until next time Justin, until next time.

Later that evening my Hattrick Team failed to produce like it should have. That really disappointed me. I out performed the other team and had 70% possession but only pulled out a 1-1 tie. It was sad. That was the karma in my fantasy games that day.

Later that evening I went to working "hard" on my Marketing Paper and Marketing Presentation. After "finishing" both of those I got to studying for my IDSC midterm that was today. I didn’t do so hot in that. It’s not that the material is hard, because I can complete the lab in usually one class period before we are taught anything about the subject, it’s just that they use made up words. I swear each branch of business makes up their own words just to add paper work and schooling so that we can feed this starving economy. As for the Paper, it sounded good and I had pretty much what everyone else did, so that’s good and our presentation went well, once again reinforcing the bad habits of procrastination.

With all of said events, my progress on anything related to shatteredcube has pretty much ceased. I still have a midterm tomorrow to study for and something on Wednesday, I just can’t think of it. I’ll see if I can’t sneak some work in because I am getting very sick of having this project set aside during development. However, the signup part is done and I am working on the comments system (I think it will be easy). From there maybe a forum? or perhaps a game? or just some personalization in the CSS department.

Well I’m done for now and I am going to get to studying because I have to so…

Go shatter a cube, play some halo.

Getting hectic!

Things are getting hectic again around this neck of the woods. It seems as if everyone is getting served their (term) papers. It’s a nasty job and that’s why we have to do it. It get’s us ready for…blah blah blah. All I know is that it provides a feeling much like that of cement shoes.

I’m in a NASCAR league that Justin started. It was awsome win Justin and us tying at 404 points and each of us beating our weekly competitor. Oddly enough Justin and I will be squaring off next week. I can only hope that Jimmie Johnson hands Jeff Gordon the pink slip and sends him into the wall. (There is situation irony in that sentence, see if you can find it.)

I’ve kind of slowed up with providing a membership service to the cube. I’m stuck once again at a tedious part that should be as difficult as I am making it. I will be getting to that later this week or during my procrastination time. I have 2 large things due wednesday and I may ever have a test in one class that I am conviently forgetting about.

I feel the need to get exercise. I’m far from my "physical peak" that I achieved during senior year of track. I was just never one to work out because I ahte practice, as odd as that sounds. I enjoy playing the game and in these winter months, it is difficult to get out and play a ncie 90 minute soccer game or some football. Plus improving my halo 2 skills should count for something.

well, good night kids, go shatter a cube or a paper

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day Hunny!

I’m so glad to be celebrating my second Valentine’s Day with Elizabeth. She is the greatest girlfriend that anyone could ask for. I Just wanted to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

The same goes for the rest of you. Happy Valentine’s day, even if you don’t have someone in particular, there are plenty of people out there that do love you. And Lord knows we could use more love in this world, so be happy on this card company created holiday.

Shatter a cube and mend a heart, share the love.

IE HTML Area test

I apologize for all the testing but I really need to do it.

I am checking to see what tags it will put here and also testing the string replace again.



shatter a cube