Monthly Archives: July 2004

Past and Present

It’s friday today. Let me be the first to say yea!. This weekend should prove to be fun. Apparently there is a shin dig this weekend and I am the last to know about it even though I would consider myself the closest. (Don’t ask) Also going to Valleyfair. This should prove to be entertaining mainly becasue I will be forcing the girlfriend to ride all the rides I do. I don’t like to get sick on rides and I can get sick easily but I like the rush and adrenaline of fast and steep roller coasters. Where as she doesn’t like drops or heights so much. We’ll see how this all works out and whether or not I have a girlfriend after the day.

Kind of late to mention this but if you head over to the musings page using the conviently placed button at the top you can see the wakeboarding vid I posted. Most likely if you are reading this you have already seen it, but I figured I’d officialy post it up.

That’s all I Feel like typing for now, I’m kind of in a bad mood even though I made some money tonight, depostited money in the bank, found out I had more things to do this weekend and get to go wakeboarding tomorrow morning. I’m upset for dumb reasons but it’s the dumb ones that affect me the most.

Good night and go shatter a cube, or cone, or coconut

The enigma that is Etc.

I was recently visiting a popular sports site looking for information about wakeboarding. In this search I came upon an interesting little quirk. I like to do many sports but there are a few that are near to me because I have done them the longest and feel free when doing them. The odd part is that all of them are labled as etc.. Except for sport climbing, those are the sports that I love to do the most. I hate to see them shelved in the etc. category. Especially when they are compared to the other sports that get their own site. Such as skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and motocross. They are all good in their own way. I jsut hate how the networks decide what sport is cool enough to get air time while another sport, better sport, remains enigmatic. With that, I just thought that I’d share that I completely fit into the etc. category.

During work today I was pondering about my future…again. I was wondering what possible jobs I would like to look into (assuming JRCA doesn’t become extremely lucrative.) I realized that I need a job that has these qualities:

-Different every day
-Adrenaline involved
-Requires brain power
-Allows me to be creative
-Pays enough or provides opportunity to let me do what I enjoy most

Those are the main qualitites that I could come up with to be happy. I came up with Action Photographer/Cinematographer, seeing as I have a past interest in film and acting and could continue it with more expereince. Now the bad part is that life style probably wouldn’t provide the best child rearing environment. Also it would take a very understanding woman or one who enjoyed the same things to create a solid marriage. I don’t know much about what is going to happen. Like I said this is a back up plan to JRCA/Business Major. If all else fails I could become a comedian, had success with that once and if I stoop to that level I will have plenty of material. (I mean no disrespect to comedians, it’s just a hard life and I give them plenty of respect.)

Go shatter a cube

The fasten seat belts light has been turned on

My life right now revolves around one thing — Wakeboarding.

While I am not sure if this is healthy, I do know that it provides me with a temporary relief from this crazy mixed up world. Things are a little chaotic right now. I don’t know how everything is going to turn out and I know they will not turn out the way I want them to right now. Already, I have begun to formulate reactions to the series of events that are going to happen within the next year. There are about 4 main events that I can think of and each relate to each other and yet are independent. I just have to remember to remain calm, keep my seat belt fastened and keep my tray table and chair in the upright position. It does no good do run around it a crazed frenzy. Either way the plane is going to crash and you are going to end up in a charred heap spread out over a few miles. Of course, there is always the possibility that you get bumped to first class in compensation for the minor turbulence.

Every time I go down this road I come to the same conclusion and I realize what I want to do, but I don’t see that it is within my grasp. I’ve come to terms with myself and will evaluate my situation in a year and if it’s not where I want to be then I may be forced to drastically alter my life. I apologize for being so enigmatic but I’d rather not open Pandora’s box until the time comes.

I’ll end this post with an open invitation. If you want to wakeboard, live in my area, and want to have a fun time I will gladly arrange a weekend where a group of us can get together and escape from the world for a bit.

Until then shatter a cube

Those damn Lawn Gnomes

I swear those lawn gnomes steal everything. I went to brush my teeth tonight and my toothpaste is missing. The usual people in my family who steal things claim they haven’t touched it and that leaves only one solution…lawn gnomes. It could be that my family did move it and forgot to mention to themselves that they moved it. This happens quite often and is an occurance I wish to observe more closely.

I don’t have much time to post so I will keep this brief. I posted myself to This will to no doubt end in a bad way for soemone, most likely me. Although I can’t help but say that I like the clever idea that the hotornot people did and did well. They based a site on something every person has and spends lots of money to improve, their vanity.

Well, I am off to bed for I need to get up. Work is work and school is all wraped up in vector spaces and eigenvectors, both not as fun as they sound. I’ll be back sometime soon with a longer post.

Till then go shatter a cube