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The Career Contender – What Do I Want To Do?

Welcome back to the shatteredcube presents “The Career Contender, a college graduate’s guide to their first job”. This is the second installment of our series and quite possibly the least important. You may be asking yourself “How can that be!”; rest assured that I will make it apparent soon enough.

If you haven’t read the first in the series, I recommend you do so because the personal inventory is a great tool.

Now onto the meat of this post. What do you want to do? I bet you have a general idea in your mind or at least a general idea of what you don’t want to do. If you are completely lost and have absolutely no formations in your mind, worry not.

It’s exercise time! Find another sheet of paper and that fancy pen of yours. Now write at the top of the page in nice clear letters: “I Don’t Like To:“. You can scribble some skull and cross bones, X’s, sad smiley’s (oxymoron) or whatever else you want to get the message across. You do not like doing these things. Now proceed to list all the activities you know you do not like doing and will not do for any amount of money. Draw upon past experiences, past jobs, schooling, household chores and any other source of dislike. Feel free to get wacky and seriously brainstorm. By eliminating what you don’t want to do you can better focus in on the things you like to do or at least don’t mind doing.

You should now have a broad (or maybe even focused) scope of what you want to do. This is where it becomes apparent that in choosing our first job it is not so much what we want to do, but rather what we don’t want to do.

Get an internship, go on a site visit or talk to someone in the industry.  It’s not necessary, but it can certainly be a big help in figuring out what you don’t like to do.  Think being an analyst is the bomb.com?  If you take time during your schooling to figure it out, then you won’t be caught off guard when it comes time to enter the real world.  Numbers may be the most thrilling part of life during your education, but real world analysis might not be exciting enough to get you out of bed!  The more you look and listen, the more you will know and knowing is half the battle!  (GI Joe said it best.)

I would venture to say that for most people your first job will not be your ultimate resting place.  This should give you some relief.  It means that this first position you are trying to get will be more of a vantage point as opposed to a ball and chain.  The position should serve to enlighten you further on your likes and dislikes.  From here you can continue on the promotional path, take a horizontal promotion, find a new line of work, go back to school, barely do enough work to maintain your job or quit, buy a surf board and move to California.  The choice is really up to you.  Don’t get stuck somewhere you aren’t happy.  You have one life to live.  With pensions being a thing of the past and employer loyalty being extremely low, you don’t owe the company anything.  If it’s not the right fit, it’s time to add more items to your list of things you don’t want to do and move on.  Keep narrowing down that list and eventually your true calling will reveal itself.

This ends our second entry into the “Career Contender” series.  You should now have two pieces of paper: the personal inventory and a list of things you don’t like to do.  Who you are as a person should now be revealing itself.  It will be important to understand the information that has built these two documents as we move into our third topic tomorrow.  Until then…

Happy Hunting!

Goodbye 2007

2007 is coming to a close tonight.  We are one year closer to the end of the world.  An event that some would say is not too far off if you follow the Mayan calendar or wear a tin foil hat.  It was a pretty good year.  It saw me learning lots about love. It saw me finish out my undergraduate education.  It saw me spend lots of money and hold my only job to last longer than a year.  It was in summation a wonderful year and a truly blessed year from a taoist point of view.

Justin’s gift arrived yesterday.  It was a collection of all the posts for The Onus.  The Onus was a comic that I had put out for about 6 months.  I’ve always dreamed of resurrecting it and maybe this gift is just the nudge I needed.  It is a truly awesome gift and I thank him very much.

My dad and I have a trip book to go to Ski Paradise this April.  That means I have 3 months to get in the best shape of my life.  It’s sad that this happens to coincide with all the folks who will make a resolution to lose weight.  Luckily Any Time Fitness is open 24hrs.  I’ll just have to go at slow times.  Elizabeth has decided that she also wants to start working out.  This mean that the two of us should be able to motivate each other.  She already motivated me to go today.  This will be our first trip to the gym and I hope it won’t be our last.  I’m making a workout sheet to provide a means of immediate gratification.  I’m hoping to turn it into a web application so that I can put it up on the site to provide another means of accountability.

Well it’s time to go get ready to celebrate the new year and say farewell to 2007.  A toast to 2007!  May 2008 be a continuation of a wonderful life and may it see me through to 2009.  Be safe tonight everyone.  A $100 cab is worth your life.

With great knowledge

…comes great responsibility, is half the battle, is power, corrupts absolutely.  Pick which ever you think best fits the situation, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am graduating.  The University of Minnesota has found it to be that I am qualified and have met all requirements to be presented a Bachelor of Science in Economics.  Ok, so I don’t have the diploma yet, but I have gone through the formalities and I know I passed my final today.  (More than just passed I would say.)  Econometrics has succumbed to my will.  However, I am not without battle scars to show the treacherous path that I have walked.

I’m going through these Monster Cookies at an alarming rate.  I can safely say that it is not helping my exercise goals.  I really need to build that exercise app. for the site to apply more fictional accountability.

You may notice that Gravatar as well as twitter has been added to the site.  If you aren’t part of either app. may I suggest you sign up.  It will increase your happiness by 5 points.  (You can sign up for both by clicking on their respective links.  I promise that it is supper easy.)  Becasue I have installed both these apps, I figure that I might as well partake in both.  This is why I’m now working on an icon to represent myself.  I’ve not had to make a small icon for a long time and since I want it to be used globally across all apps I figure it should be neat.  So I’m trying to make a neat icon.  Yup, a neat icon.

People don’t say the word neat enough.

During my last commute home from school, I once again came to the conclusion that as a race human beings don’t deserve the right to drive.  Everyone is a terrible driver; including myself.  I’d like to think I’m better than others, but that is pretentious and I’m sure from a different set of eyes I would be dangerous and aggressive.  This is why I think we need to phase out “driving” and”roads” altogether.  I have a solid idea and plans for implementation that need a little more work, but I think that it would be the very beneficial solution to many of our problems.  It would cut down on CO2 emissions, general stress levels, accidents, reliance on petrol, commute times, shipping costs and countless other issues.  Just saying that if anyone is interested in talking about it, I’ve got a lot of ideas.

Next task to work on will be the resume.  If anyone knows of a position for a Econ BS Major, Math Minor and Management Minor give me a heads up.  In the mean time it’s time to lay the groundwork for a productive future.  Here’s hoping that all the knowledge I’ve collected doesn’t corrupt me.