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The Career Contender – Introduction

The topic I have chosen to write about for the next 20 or so post is “Building a Better You: A recent college graduate quests for a job.” I figure that since I am going through the process and already doing research on it, that it would be a wonderful choice. My hope is that I can create a good resource for any one prospecting a new career. There should hopefully be tips for the young and 0ld , or at least a few refreshing points that one may have forgot. I created a rough table of contents that should give you an idea of where we will be going.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I want to do?
  3. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  4. Resumes
  5. Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com
  6. Online Applications
  7. Cover Letters
  8. Interview – First Contact
  9. Interview – Preparation
  10. Interview – Appearance
  11. Interview – Composure
  12. Interview – Thank You Cards
  13. Interview – Call Back
  14. Interview – Basic Negotiating
  15. Interview – Contract Negotiating
  16. Interview – Finalization
  17. First Day on the Job
  18. Conclusion — Etc.

The series will start on Monday and a new section will be posted every weekday. If you feel passionate about a subject that is not included, please feel free to submit your ideas via email or in the comments section of any related post.

Happy Hunting!

I Decree (1)

This shall be my first decree:

Thursday is Chore Elimination Day or CED for short.

There have been a few things like laundering new clothes, building/buying a tie rack, throwing out garbage, finish my move, get the oil changed and various other tasks that have been building up.  I will use Thursday morning and afternoon to finish these tasks.  Every Wednesday I will make a list of things to get done and evaluate how I did Thursday night.  Here is the list for tomorrow.

  1. Remove tags from new clothes and launder.
  2. Do “Day 1” of workout
  3. Get oil changed
  4. Put Clothes in Dryer
  5. Throw out old Minnesota Dailys
  6. Put resume on Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com
  7. Finish Workout plan
  8. Finish moving all clothes to the new room.

That should be a good start.  If I find myself with more time, I’ll try to get a few others done, but it’s best not to set unachievable goals.  I’ve got to be done with this stuff by 5:00pm because after that it’s dinner with Elizabeth and Nina.

If anyone else wants to put up a checklist of things to do in the comments and then a checklist showing what you completed in the CEDC (CED check) post I will make tomorrow, it would be a good way for us to hold each other to be accountable.