Monthly Archives: October 2005

Enter Real Post

Alrighty, so the coolness battle will be interrupted. (It can continue here or there after this brief interlude.) I just wanted to announce that this past weekend of sports never happened. Actually I wanted to say more than that, because that really isn’t important enough for an announcement.

Right so important things..uh, oh yea! Shatteredcube V2.0. Yea you heard that right. Shatteredcube v2.0 is in the works. It’s kinda going by the name: Shatteredcube: Now with classes. Sadly I won’t be working this out in oxwaf. I realize this could be a waste of time, but as I’ve always said: Shatteredcube is a learning and growing ground for me. (Coincidently for others too after 2.0 is out.) The majority of the new version is going to be viewable mostly on my end. What you will see is visual and some feature alterations. I’ll see if I can’t give you a preliminary list of things to come. Keep in mind that these may come to be or not depending on the development cycle and if it ever gets finished. I’ll just list the things that will be added. Many of the current features (read: all) will remain they will just be optimized and made to be used easier.

  • Profile Pics
  • Better Ranking System
  • Optional Custom Rankings after X number of posts
  • Custom Highlight colors after X number of posts
  • Remember Me log in option (no more need to log in every time)
  • Able to log in after posting a comment
  • Stars for X number of posts
  • User Photo Journals
  • Flash Thingys (Read: Games and other)
  • Better URL links
  • A Forum!

Well that’s the Down Low. The point is to let everyone make the site what they want it to be. Now all that needs to happen is me to get my behind in gear. I’d like to hear from you guys on what you think the site could use in addition or if you have ideas on how current in development ideas should work.

shatter uncoolness!