The enigma that is Etc.

I was recently visiting a popular sports site looking for information about wakeboarding. In this search I came upon an interesting little quirk. I like to do many sports but there are a few that are near to me because I have done them the longest and feel free when doing them. The odd part is that all of them are labled as etc.. Except for sport climbing, those are the sports that I love to do the most. I hate to see them shelved in the etc. category. Especially when they are compared to the other sports that get their own site. Such as skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and motocross. They are all good in their own way. I jsut hate how the networks decide what sport is cool enough to get air time while another sport, better sport, remains enigmatic. With that, I just thought that I’d share that I completely fit into the etc. category.

During work today I was pondering about my future…again. I was wondering what possible jobs I would like to look into (assuming JRCA doesn’t become extremely lucrative.) I realized that I need a job that has these qualities:

-Different every day
-Adrenaline involved
-Requires brain power
-Allows me to be creative
-Pays enough or provides opportunity to let me do what I enjoy most

Those are the main qualitites that I could come up with to be happy. I came up with Action Photographer/Cinematographer, seeing as I have a past interest in film and acting and could continue it with more expereince. Now the bad part is that life style probably wouldn’t provide the best child rearing environment. Also it would take a very understanding woman or one who enjoyed the same things to create a solid marriage. I don’t know much about what is going to happen. Like I said this is a back up plan to JRCA/Business Major. If all else fails I could become a comedian, had success with that once and if I stoop to that level I will have plenty of material. (I mean no disrespect to comedians, it’s just a hard life and I give them plenty of respect.)

Go shatter a cube

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