The plane has landed (finally!)

I’m back from my trip to Ski Paradise.  I’m fairly exhausted and yet energized at the same time.  I wake up around 8-9AM now and my body craves a set or two.  Tomorrow morning I will post an in depth review of my vacation.  For now here are a few facts to hold you over:

Number of emails accumulated over a week: 4500

Number of blisters: 5

Number of sets: 10

Rolls of duct tape utilized personally: 1/4

Coats of super glue: 14

Shots of Tequila: 4

Limes rubbed into open blisters: 2

Days spent sick: 0

Average wake up time: 7:00AM

Average bed time: 9:50PM

  1. Times you missed Elizabeth….

  2. Needs to be discrete to be able to be counted 😉

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