Mine ear hath been pirated

For the past couple of days I’ve been healing an ear infection.  I’m on some powerful antibiotics and things are just now starting to get better.  I no longer need pain medication.  Unfortunately I was unable to focus on much of anything between the sleeping and the…ah more sleep.  That means the ski paradise posts may take a bit before becoming published.  You see GTA4 comes out tonight in about an hour.  This means that for the next few days I will be MIA.  Should my eyes bleed and my mind wary, I will return and continue the posts.  Until that time is upon us, I figure I can try to do some short thought provoking posts each night.  Best of luck to all and if you have a Xbox360 I recommend getting GTA4 as it’s gaming history in the making.

  1. So that is why you had to go home yesterday, and why you wanted to see me so bad. The next couple of days I guess I’m on my own.

  2. Also I find it kind of funny that you healed just in time for this release. Your body must have known that you couldn’t miss it.

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