Analyst Training

I’m currently in the 2nd week of training. There are a total of 5 weeks; 2 of which I will be in Chicago. It’s very exciting and I’m really happy with my choice to join Accenture. Training keeps me fairly busy during the work day and even long into the night. I’m pretty exhausted by the time “bedtime” roles around. This could largely be attributed to my less than stellar sleep schedule prior to my employment. Since the updates will be spotty, I figure I’ll leave you with this little math puzzle. (I found it in “A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market” by John Allen Paulos.)

Three gentlemen give the manager of a hotel $30 to rent a conference room for the afternoon. After the gentlemen leave to the room, the manager realizes that the room only costs $25 and that he has overcharged them. The manger grabs a nearby bellhop and gives him $5 and instructs him to return it to the three men. Not knowing how to divide $5 evenly the bellhop decides to give $1 to each of the three men and pocket the remaining $2 for himself. Later on the bellhop realizes that each man paid $9. Thus since $27 (9×3) plus the $2 he took for himself add up to $29, he wonders what happened to the missing dollar. Where did it go?


  1. He has flawed logic. The $2 shouldn’t be added to the 9×3, but subtracted to come to the $25 total for the room.

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