iBuy, iPay, iBreak, iPhone

Justin convinced me into buying an iPhone. It was either the iPhone or the HTC touch pro. Seeing as the touch pro would be 800-1000 and not yet released, I think the iPhone is overall a good decision.

I have to hand it to apple, they know how to provide one sexy GUI. It is a pleasure to use the device (for the most part.) I was worried about the on screen keyboard, but the phone has a wonderful system for predicting what you want. In most cases I don’t have any issues getting the message across. Only in username and password fields is it an issue.

Microsoft Exchange is up and running with my Accenture email. It is fantastic. I feel so important now. Too bad Best Buy is against, but I can still use webmail to get at my best buy email.

My only gripe so far is that my vibrate switch broke. This seems to be a common problem for some of us and it looks like I will have to take it into one of these so called “genuises” to get it sorted out.

Other than that, I’m so impressed by the apps. Pandora and Twinkle (Twitter with so much more than just tweets) right now are just friggen cool. AIM is functional and there are plenty more free apps to try. I’m tempted to start programming some of my own. We shall see.

I only hope that I can get to bed tonight at a decent hour.

Apps I have and look useful:

  • Twinkle
  • AIM
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Google Mobile App
  • Pandora

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