Fixing what isn’t broken

This post is incase my computer goes off the deep end.

I have 2 case fans that are now 5 years old and they like to make outrageous noises from to time.  Since I’m looking to build a new computer and this one might be going to my parents, I figure I will do them a favor and replace the case fans.

The only thing is that my computer runs perfectly fine right now.  Thus, these 2 small changes could cause it to, in techincal terms, “crap out”.  If that is the case, I will likely not be making any posts for a week while my new computer parts are being shipped.

So here goes nothing!  Also, I realize I need to make it easier to see recent posts so that posts don’t get missed by readers, like the short wedding post last night.

Time to get all Franeknstein on this biatch!

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