Perfect Moments

Life is a series of moments. Every once in a while a moment comes along where nothing else matters. Time moves slower, the air is sweeter and your soul is free to just take it all in. I think it’d be great to create a collection of “Perfect Moments.” Here are just 2 of the many in my life to start it off:

1) After a long and tiring day of skiing, it is a moment of complete peace and satisfaction as I drive home. I’ve just had a wonderful day. The heater in the car is starting to kick in. The music on the radio seems to be always what I want to hear. There is rarely another car on the road. It’s nothing but me, the car and the road to reflect on how great life really is.

2) Taking a much needed nap by a fireplace. The world melts away in front of the light and warmth of the fire. Nothing truly gives the mind and soul a break like a nap in front of the fireplace.

What are your perfect moments? They don’t have to be long or descriptive, just moments that are truly perfect to you.

  1. One of my perfect moments is when I am so into a book that I am reading that I forget about the real world around me. Sometimes I even stop reading and am confused about where I am.

  2. When mom said Yes.
    When Richard was born.
    When Melissa was born.
    Being the first one up the lift going to the top of the mountain with the sun shinning in your face right down the lift line and new untracked snow below.
    Late evening water ski run in perfect glass, no crashes after a long string of perfect turns, your arms are so tired you can’t get back in the boat, your heart is pounding so hard you can hear it, and you just can’t get the smile off your face.
    New personal best through the slalom course.

  3. Oh why not:

    It’s that moment when you (as a tank) have a health bar in WoW that shows less than 100hp, you’re out of panic heals, the boss your fighting is just about dead, and your healer has fallen victim to silence….

    And then it happens… The boss dies, your health is near full, and all is right. It was the perfect last second, saved by the bell heal that made it happen, and all you can do is sit there and say:


  4. Justin,

    You honestly couldn’t come up with a perfect moment here in reality?

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