That’s one small step…

And one giant leap into commitment! On June 5th 2009 I proposed to Elizabeth and she said Yes! It was a wonderful evening. I made some dinner, we went to the Phantom of the Opera and finished the evening off with some Taco Bell and Diamonds. It’s an interesting story that we will be writing in our wedding book. (The wedding business is a lucrative one.)

It’s certainly a crazy feeling knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. I’m extremely happy and excited for what the future holds.

Already, in a week, we’ve made a bid on a house and started looking at reception halls. It’s a crazy whirlwind of commitment and money.

Here’s to life! May it be long and happy!

  1. We are so happy for you guys. You are both wonderful people. Looking forward to having Elizabeth formally in the family. Congratulations to you both.

  2. conGRATS! If you’ve any wedding planning questions, do let me know. Mykala and I are excited to see you both on July 11!

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