Irrigation Update

Well, I managed to patch the wires. Unfortunately, there still doesn’t seem to be any current traveling to the valve box. It’s looking more and more like I may need to have a company come out and update our sprinkler system. I just don’t seem to have the time to do what I want to do these days. And with the kid on the way, I can only imagine how much less time I will have.

We’ve been fortunate enough this summer to not really need to use the irrigation system. Our lawn has only slightly suffered. The majority of the damage has resulted in a few dead spots in areas that were weakened by the salt and sand from winter. In the dead spots, we have have crab grass rearing its ugly head. Ultimately, I may have to dig up these patches and put down some seed or new sod.

Debating just covering everything with concrete…

  1. I found this very interesting, the series of posts. I didn’t know your blog was up an running again.

    I have a similar problem in my yard. When I first moved in a year ago the previous owner (or maybe even the owner before them) did not clear the line and the pipe coming out of the house bust.

    I didn’t even realize this when I had a sprinkler company come out and do a spring start up.

    He recommended a plumber but everything was so grown over it probably was not worth fixing.

    Here and there I played around with what appears to be the only valve box in the yard.

    I fixed the copper pipe myself a couple months ago, but after cutting/replacing/soldering the pipe still could not hold the water pressure and water started coming out of the back flow preventer.

    I decided to call it quits this year but I’ve strongly considered doing it all myself. It likely will be a 1 month process working on my days off.

    Either way, I feel your pain and this has been a bad start to Fall with the drought. At least we got some rain the past couple days.

    Good luck buddy. Maybe we can have an irrigation party some day.

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