More Canvas Work

I took a break from my Javascript development due to life being leveled up.

I restart in a slightly different, but not entirely unrelated, direction. This is a fairly simple exercise up front, but it’s easily changed on the back end to give entirely different user experience. It’s not impossible to have it throw an error. It shouldn’t break anything and is likely only visible if you have firebug turned on. And! If you do have firebug turned on, you can see some of the debug messages.

In case there are curious minds, the current goal is a tablet UI for a Role Playing game system.

IF you haven’t figured it out yet, you should try clicking things below.

  1. Not seeing anything…..

  2. Really, does it say “If you see this, your browser is made of stone.”?

    If so, please get a newer version of Firefox or Chrome.

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