Skyrim – The Horse

Quick story of skyrim bug I penned out today that I figure could be considered blog content.

“I came over a crest to find a fort. I quicksave, as is the eternal knee jerk RPG reaction and proceed to endure battle with the skeletons and magi of the fort. They were strong, very strong. I died repeatedly, but never gave up hope that I could defeat them. Eventually, I decided to attack from a different direction and moved around the fort, while hugging the mountain side. That’s when the horse happened. I hear a thud and turn around. A dead horse is sliding down the mountain path. I look back to where I had left my horse. Phew. Not my horse, then what the hell? Horse aside, I attack the fort. Die. Reload. Attempt the sneak around again, get to the same spot and thump. Turn around, there’s that dead horse again. It was not there 2 seconds ago. Luckily, I die again to the inhabitants of the fort. This time, frak the fort, I sneak around to figure out this horse business. As I approach the spot where this ghost horse appears I make sure to note no horses can be found on the ground and my horse is where I left it. Noted. I step forward and *thump* a horse falls dead in front of me from the sky. No way. I reload and prepare once more for The Horse, and look skyward. Sure enough, as I step forward a dot appears in the sky. It grows larger until it becomes clear that there is a dead horse falling in my general direction. Thump. Yup, same dead horse. Eventually, I got bored making horses appear in the sky and moved onward past this deranged fort that meant only death for wary adventures and flying horses.”

  1. It would be nice to get a video of this falling horse… as that sounds rather hilarious. Something like this perhaps?

  2. Sadly, I am unsure if I would be able to capture the video, but perhaps there is a save file that would allow this. As is often the case, I have a host of save files.

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