Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack Day

The Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack was released today. I stayed up until 4am to download it and then proceeded to make a map. For those that don’t understand, the game has a “forge” mode that allows you to edit the content of an existing map. It’s much like take the shell of a car and changing all it’s parts. Three hours after release I had finished the map. It’s a tribute to good old 90’s classic, American Gladiators. Okay, so no one who reads this will likely care, but I figured I would just say what I did this morning…before I went to sleep.

Class was pretty uneventful. It was the first of a two part review extravaganza; tomorrow being the second part. It was the last class with one of my favorite teachers – Summers. I liked him because he teaches in sync with my style of learning and could properly answer questions that were asked. He was the TA for this class, Econometrics, but I had had him for a professor in my Financial Economics class. The Final for this class will be on the 18th and after that I will be done with my undergraduate education.

On that note – I graduated, or had the ceremony, this past Sunday on Dec. 9th 2007. I’m glad to still be graduating an “07”. The order of prerequisites could have screwed that up, but I was fortunate enough to only be delayed a single semester. Two classes over two semesters – silly.

The historic posts should be moved over soon. The panel here at Dreamhost was down last night, at least for me. I was unable to get in and it just kind of halted me from doing any more back end work. Funny enough I don’t really need to do anything with Dreamhost, since WordPress has a wonderful way of grabbing those posts without the need of FTP, SSH or any other fancy acronyms. (I lied… I will likely being using RSS which is an acronym.) Lots to look forward to and lots to in the upcoming month. I may have put life on autopilot for the past couple of months but now it’s time to get in gear.

Time’s up! Alright let’s do this!

  1. Hmm, this site looks very familiar. Oh right mine just looked like this a few hours ago 😉 Anyway, I’m setting up internet again at home and will be playing Halo 3 from time to time – gamertag pksublime.

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