Coolness Battle

So apparently there is a war of coolness going on in our midst. I really can’t play favorites on this one, so good luck to all. If it gets out of hand or if the swearing gets a little too much, then someone might receive the (temporary) ban hammer of sadness upon their head.

As for me, I’m playing IM Football and Soccer. Of which we do fairly well and either win or lose by a close count. I’ve got some game design plans in my sketchbook, a new website design and maybe a flash oddity or two.

"TheGirlfriend"s sister had a brand new baby boy on Friday Morning. 8 lbs 14 ounces.

I’m seriously bad at this news thing, I should type daily or else I forget things. ER, oh yea Gophers beat a ranked team for the first time since 2002. That was a sweet game. Ok I’m done, coolness war may continue…but no one will ever beat me.

shatter my coolness? I think not

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  1. sillies… we all know that I am the coolest!

  2. What is his name?

  3. Coolness… Where to start….

    Ok, so if the gophers keep going like they are, and Nebraska keeps getting lucky, maybe it will be the two least likely teams to go to the BCS Bowl this year. Then again, if Nebraska wins another game this year, it will be a miracle.

  4. His name is Benjamin Thomas and he is the best baby in the world

  5. And Richard, You are not as cool as me or amber

  6. You know Elizabeth, I always knew I liked you, and this just proves it even further! We are the coolest. It only helps us that we are female, cause no matter what, girls are better!

    That is a really cute name!

  7. At what point do richard and me step in and either
    a) admit we are not as cool as our girlfriends
    b) prove that we are cooler than our girlfriends, which would then also prove that we are lame to begin with
    c) prove that we are equally cool as our girlfriends by association, and vice versa.

    Strange Fact about the name Benjamin Thomas: did you know that if you chop off the first part of the name, you get the first part Richards last name, and if you chop off the last part of richards last name and put it on the word Thomas (with an additional letter), you get the name of the builder that built the home he lives in?

    Chance? I think not!

  8. First of all… Justin you are silly to pick apart the name. Second, I choose A.

  9. Justin that is the weirdest thing that i have ever heard. I didn’t pick the name anyway. Becky did. And Thomas is after my dad. Therefore proving that you are definately not the coolest, Sorry.

  10. Oh yeah and i forgot to answer your question. You and Richard might as well just choose A right now. Why keep lying to yourselves and everyone else?

  11. We’ll I never did specify what you couldn’t beat me in. You assumed I was referring to coolness. Assuming is an uncool thing to do.

    I must say I liked the conspiracy investigation. But I’d rather not doom others to being attached to the devil that is Orin Thompson.

    The cool person will find the one thing I hid on this website. Goodluck!

    Hint: Search and Search all you can you won’t find it, it’s as real as the gingerbread man.

  12. Ok, so well attempting to find things that weren’t there, I demonstrated some of my cool haxxor skills and managed to wind up with a styleless page. Isn’t that fun (I now have mystical magical stylesheet 5 which last time I checked, doesn’t exist, and no… I did not cheat and go into sim’s databases… I simply posted to his form that I wanted stylesheet 5. I could change it back, but I kinda like shattered cube without the all the style ;-).

    Oh, and question: Why is there an extra LI at the top as well as an extra li for each line in our profile description?

  13. How long has the gallery been there?

  14. The Member’s Gallery has been there for a long time.

    As for the extra Li, I really don’t know what your talking about. I looked for it and failed to find it. Most likely it is just dead padding that can be used if I want to create a new style.

  15. If you shut styles off in firefox, you’ll see what I’m talking about. In other questions… Why is it when I log in, I am no longer given the option to post a comment until I click the comments again… Maybe it has to do with following the RSS link into the page.

  16. The "extra" li at the top is not extra. It’s a place holder for the nav buttons. (I think that’s the one you are talking about.) The comments thing is because I jsut send you back home without caring about where you came from. It’s a dicky thing to do and I could change it, but I wouldn’t expect any thing soon. Customer Service isn’t our ticket and the Customer is always wrong.

    P.S. Girls are not cool. End of story.

  17. Oh Richard. Girls ARE cool. I am so sorry that you were raised not knowing that.

  18. I think Richard may be onto something… Girls are not cool. They are hot… and if your not careful, you’ll get burned.

  19. Just look at the posts above and you will see why richard and justin are not cool.
    And Richard you better walk softly or you will be in a lot of trouble.

  20. Very nice save Justin. And hunny, when have I ever walked softly? 😛

  21. Amber, if you were cool your posts would highlight in blue, so there. Actually, serious question…would you guys like to control what color your posts light up when you hover over them?

    If you don’t know what I am talking about, you don’t have firefox and we all know you need firefox to be cool.

  22. Yes i think that colors would be really cool!!!
    I call yellow!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hmmm perhaps that’s what you were making reference too… Very nifty.. Very nifty indeed. It’s strange how a post about our egos leads to over 23 comments. There is something about that that is both uncool and cool at the same time. Did i mention the gameboy micro is pretty cool?

  24. OOh I wanna call a color… but I don’t know which one yet, so I call all colors except yellow until I decide.

  25. I like how you think Amber!

  26. Hmm… we have another problem that thanks to facebook has come to my attention… It seems this "thegirlfriend" person is older than me… Which implies she is older than Richard, which implies that she’s older than amber. That would make her older than all of us, and perhaps therefore cooler. But if we balance the sides of ages Eliz (+.3) + Amb (-1.2) !> Justin (0) + Rich (-.6)

    Therefore, as a whole, Sim and I are cooler than Amber and Eliz… We might have a problem if you put Eliz and her sister together, but of course anytime you put twins together, it can’t be all bad… I heard the baby looks like Richard? Lucky bastard 😉

  27. Your ranking on ages? That doesn’t seem fair to AMber and I. I think we should rank on IQs.

  28. Why is justin 0? I like the ranking on age, if you think about it I am 21 and can do a lot more things than the rest of you and that is cool.
    but by IQ? that is just not cool.
    And the baby does not look like richard, Ben looks like his dad, Brad. If just so happens that Brad is also Blonde and has blue eyes like Richard.
    But I am definately the coolest because I am oldest cutest and there are two of me!!!!

  29. I am older than everyone. But I don’t think I’m cool. And I chose not to participate in this any longer to prove I’m not.

  30. To answer your question Eliz… I normallized everyones age to mine… Which is why your +.3 (your 3 months older than me) and why amber is -1.2 and rich is -.6. Of course, these are horribly rounded numbers since there ar 12 months in a year not 10, but the math should still work to some degree. For example, it should work in base 12.

    IQ is always a fun test, but it tends to prove nerdyness more than coolness: See John for example.

    Two is almost always better than one… Then again, if we go back to the girls are hot statement before, your likely to get twice the burn.

  31. Rich, I am going to assume that you think I have a high IQ since you said that age was unfair to both of us. You don’t need to correct me if I am wrong. I like my assumption.

  32. The coolness battles of days long past… odd to see them now.

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