We had to do self portraits in art. I took over 100 photographs and only used 9 in my piece. That’s the way photography goes, 1 good for every 30 or so taken. So to validate my expense on time I used even more to create this little "slide show". It’s kinda big and in flash so let it load. Yes, I’m making you sit here and load it up because I’m a cruel webmaster.

shatter your self image

Flash has been removed. To get it please contact me.

  1. Ok so I found this band and they are fricken sweet.

    Artist: Cartel
    Album: Chroma

    John this is your next artist of the week.

  2. This video takes a long ass time to load…too long for the sorority’s stupid wireless internet to even process anything. I guess i will just have to check it out at work or when i’m at home in CG. Or you will have to show me the next time i’m over, which won’t be for a while still (tear) I HATE FINALS!!!!!!! and I miss you hunny!

  3. This looks familiar. lol. Very fun, self portraits are always fun. It makes me laugh though, as it should, not that you’re funny looking, just the whole idea of it all. Ok, I’m done. I’ll try that artist. toodalo

  4. Yea, John diserves more credit. The idea of this spawned form something he did prior.

  5. Wow. If I hadn’t seen you last week I would have thought you no longer existed. Anyways, nice you.

  6. o good god, this takes a while to load

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