“9 minutes”

Justin warned me today that I was within 9 minutes of not posting everyday. This would bring the streak that I was trying to establish to a grinding halt after only 2 days. Of course one could technically say that I missed the deadline, but I prefer to think otherwise. Much like many businesses do not follow the calendar year when it comes to their fiscal year, I do not follow the standard day. My day ends when I go to sleep. If this means I end up with 48 hour days, then so be it. So I say that my day has now concluded and I can now post in detail the events of my day.

It was part two of the review extravaganza that began yesterday. Not a whole lot of exciting things happened. Moving on…I stopped at the liquor store and picked up some Winter Bourbon Ale. It is brewed apparently by Anheuser-Busch, which absolutely blew my mind because it was a very good beer. Played a lot of Halo over at Chops’ and JJ’s. Chops and I were celebrating our last day of classes ever. (At least as an undergraduate.) We decided to make a run to Target after a couple of hours. At Target I successfully, along with Chops, talked JJ into buying Call of Duty 4 (A spectacular game.) Thus causing JJ to spend more money and succumb to peer pressure. I was a little greedy and bought myself something off my wish list. I purchased a new Xbox 360 controller along with a rechargeable battery pack. Chops bought a fancy 4 slot toaster along with a DVD set of all 4 Tremors movies. (The fact that there were 4 shocked me.) We headed back to their place for more Halo action; where I strong armed them into testing my map. (It still has bugs!) Afterwards we went out to Blarney’s for cheap wings and cheap beer. I purchased a couple pints of Guinness along with 24 wings. (I’m sure I will regret this later tonight when the wings finish their job.) $9 later and an hour or so we were headed back home. Casey was nice enough to be the sober cab and drive us. There was some more Halo action (read: Lots), and then it was time for folks to go to bed and go home. (That’d be me. And it was like 3 hours later.) Tomorrow is looking to be a poker night. I can only hope to get yet another 2nd place. I seem to finish second place in every tournament partake in. I have terrible luck when it comes to cards but I can usually win when it comes to a battle of wills and wits.

So my computer just started making very odd noises. I guess that means it is time to stop, good night all. And yes, I think this counts towards continuous posts since on a 24hr cycle I am well within the time limit. ;-P

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