Picture 2

The next set of many more to come.

This one is a little guy that has magnetic legs adn hands that you can mold into many different shapes.

This one is a picture of our art project for art 1001W (Shout out to Nicole and Tony). It’s an underground park designed for the city. I tried to get a "perspective" point of view.

shatter craziness

  1. I have to say that I am a fan of bendable people.

  2. Unground park? And think, I don’t see any legos… How can it be an art project and not have any legos?

  3. thegirlfriend

    I recognize that guy!!! your woodbury residence had him on the counter for a long time. The park is very interesting. I can’t tell why or how it is underground, but it is very very nice looking.

  4. Time for new picture updates!!!

  5. Still waiting 🙂

  6. Me too, when will this bum update the page…

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