Simply Sunday

Today lifted off with a wonderful start, right after I got my lethargic butt out of bed.  Headed over to Elizabeth’s where I helped her and her Mother make monster cookies.  Monster Cookies are definitely one of the better cookies in existence.  We hung out for a while and then headed back to my house.  Elizabeth helped my family put up Christmas decorations on the tree.  All in all it was a quality family day.

A proper design for this site along with some non-blog related content is in the works.  For now, you can sign up for the site and guarantee access to future features.  In my current sights is the last final of my undergraduate career.  Time to hunker down until Tuesday.

  1. Sign Up? Am I missing something ;-)?

    I see you added your first monetization to the site! Congrats!

  2. Well it was removed on accident when I updated the sidebar, but it is back now. However I’m not completely competent on how to utilize registered users. It’s sort of a work in progress. Like right now, I’m wholly upset that I am logged in as admin but still have to fill in my information. It should be able to detect if someone is logged in and not require information. Very upsetting, I shall get to the root of this.

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