MooCube v1.0

A few hours later and its done. I think that I have found a good stopping point release MooCube version 1.0.

Client Side-Features:

  • It’s not the Word Press Default.
  • Banner and Logo change color when you use the mouse-wheel over them.
  • Banner and Logo colors can be changed using the color buttons.
  • The Cube Button can be used to bring up the glass view panes. On them can be found recent posts, recent comments, search, RSS Feeds and Login.
  • It has always been available, but now it is recommended to register as a user of the site. This will make it so you don’t have to put in your information every time you want to comment.
  • Google Ads displays properly and with non-abrasive colors.
  • Many new custom icons.

This is a test of the emergency Blockquote system. If this were a real blockquote it would be all quotey and say stuff about things.


  • Built in Google AdSense Manager
  • Custom color choices of header and logo
  • All images references contain in CSS
  • Well documented Code
  • MooTools implementation
  • Standards compliant fluid design
  • IE7 and Firefox compatibility
  • Widgetized Header, Footer and Sidebar

Known Issues:

  • Transparent PNG does not always load properly resulting in a darker image. This resolves it self at random times. (Priority: none)
  • Left glass panes are jumpy in IE. Probably due to float issues, but cause still uncertain. (Priority: very low)

Soon to be updated:

  • Headers: Glass and Sidebar
  • Allow multiple posts on the front page
    • Ability to collapse posts
    • 2-4 More custom icons

If you have any suggestions or questions, I am always open and interested in feedback. Likes, dislikes, loves, hates and neatos. As the designer and programmer, you can often get railroaded into a certain style. Taking a step back and listening to some constructive criticism can go a long way.

I’ve got some ideas already about the journey to v1.5, in addition to the updates I plan to do, but I think I will hold off on them for a bit. It’s been a pretty intense process so far. I’ve had to re-learn CSS, XHTML and PHP. On top of that I had to learn how to build templates for WordPress, utilize the MooTools library and I took the time to learn Dreamweaver.

The life of a programmer never stops, but look for regular posts to start up again soon.

  1. This is a comment. Hooray!

    Some more known issues:
    This comment box is extremely small.
    The search feature is fairly limited.

    I really just wanted to get a long(er) comment.

  2. I dig the layout, and the functionality!

    Question – no IE6 functionality? Any comments on mac browsers?

  3. I am very impressed! Even in IE I like the new look. I also really like how you put the name on the top like I suggested. It turned out really great. I can’t wait to look at it at home and see all the other features.

  4. I don’t have IE6 so it’s hard for me to test in it. IE6 only made up 11% of all visitors when I started the design so it took a back seat to IE7 and Firefox. I’ll look into making it work now that v1.0 is out. Also as far as mac browsers…I don’t have one. I’m not sure how it would work in Safari or Opera. I could turn on my Wii and check it out but that still leaves safari. If anyone with a mac, *cough* Justin *cough* would be kind enough to report to me then I could start working on that. Thanks for the feed back so far!

  5. Good call not wasting your time with IE6 – but if you need it for testing microsoft offers a free image to use with virtual PC (both free and legit, except the image is time-bombed).

    My router’s died (and I don’t have enough ethernet cable to work from my PC and mac) so I’ll try and run it through safari/FF on the mac when I get a chance.

  6. Lookin’ snazzy around here! And actually, you can download a completely functional Safari for Windows from — so you can test it with that! JS is loads faster on Safari what with the Webkit optimizations and all.

  7. Works great on safari 3 and FF on my mac – great job. When are you going to let me grab your theme? 🙂

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