A Consumer Alert: Crest Pro Health

From your friendly friends here at the friendly Cube.

It has come to my attention that the oral products by Crest that go under the brand name Pro-Health may cause staining of the teeth.  Link

I first heard about the mouthwash causing staining on Digg.com.  At that time I had already purchased the toothpaste and decided to see if anyone had experienced trouble with the toothpaste.  If you read the link, it appears as if there have been issues.

It would seem that the active ingredient that provides the many oral benefits is also the culprit of the staining: Stannous fluoride.  Crest now acknowledges the potential staining on their toothpaste (at least the one I purchased.)

“Products containing stannous fluoride may produce staining of the teeth.  Adequate toothbrushing may prevent these stains which are not harmful or permanent and may be removed by your dentist.  This Crest is specially formulated to help prevent staining.  See your dentist regularly.”

Make of it what you will.  I’m just trying to get the word out so that you can make an informed decision.  Especially because as I walk the aisles in the health care departments, I see the Crest Pro Health items on sale and established on the end caps.

Shattering the PR myth here at the Cube.

  1. Planning on becoming a dentist? I believe that’s 4.

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