Daily Archives: March 29, 2005

End of March

Not just any march, but the death march. That doesn’t make any sense but I was still satisfied to bring up memories of C&C Red Alert.

So it appears as if no one likes to discuss because some random person that I honestly don’t know posted before just about anyone. (shoutout to SL2Loveless) Until you guys become more outgoing I guess I’ll just have to remain a Link Pimp and try to hook you up with what I find by visiting the many sites I frequent daily.

Life is pretty cool right now. My grades aren’t going to be the best they ever have, but I am ok with that. I am thinking that Carlson might not be the best choice for me. I will still apply to Carlson and see where that goes but I am getting excited about the freedom that an econ major brings with it. I will have a number of electives that I can use to improve my artistic abilities and take a couple of guitar classes. Now when I become a bum I will have usable street talents vs. my current repertoire of drunken profanity and public nudity. I took this nifty screenshot of my schedule for next semester and am even debating putting it up here for all you stalkers.

Subject change…so much is happening in the lives of those around me and I don’t feel it proper to talk about it on here because I don’t have that right. However, I am glad for some, happy for others, impressed by some, sad for some, hearfelt for others and generally just happy that no serious harm has come to those I know. I know there are ups and downs, remember "Life’s a garden, dig it." Watch Joe Dirt too, it’s a funny movie and wow, the horse scene. *drools* I mean I like horses, right?

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