Weekend Update April 25th

Hello everyone! I seem to only post after the weekend. It’s an odd routine to be in. Is it because I am copying SNL? No – I hardly think it’s that since that show has become absolute rubbish. Is it because I discriminate against the weekdays? Doubt that one too, aside from Mondays and Wednesdays. I think it’s based on the fact that my weekdays are lacking in anything interesting and everything happens Thursday to Sunday.

It seemed to be a fairly productive and entertaining weekend. I headed up north, after some financial paper work, with my Dad and proceeded to demolish our cabin. This remodeling job is proving to be fun and loaded with possibilities. Of course, if you looked at it from the perspective of my Mom and Dad it might not be so fun because they have put in a much larger amount of work. Especially my Dad, who has taken it upon himself to remove the old water heating system. A very tiring and dirty process. It was fun for the 24ish hours I was up there however. I completed the demo of 2 rooms and took down a "perma" bunk bed fixture. The "highlight" was when I was playing with live wires and set of a large spark. Exciting!

I came back Saturday and it was a nice cool refreshing drive that got me pumped to go racing that night. It was the first SRA event, which is similar to an actual NASCAR season. However this is a simulator racing experience that has you driving a "real" car that moves and makes you feel as if you are actually on the track. This week it was Atlanta where I improved my best lap time from 28.3 down to 27.9. A huge improvement for me. Lady luck was not on my side that night however and in my heat race and in my F main I ended up getting thrown into the wall and spun out, respectively. In the Last Chance race I had a good opportunity to get into the finals, but a mix up in the pole positions left me starting 7th rather than 1st, with 1st being replace by a guy who I believe holds the tracks fastest lap record. I did end up finishing 5th I think in that race so that was no small accomplishment. I will definitely be heading back on May 7th with Justin (and Amber? Elizabeth? John? Others?) and race Daytona. (To make up for the cancellation of it 2 weeks ago.) Daytona should prove fun because you never let your foot off the gas and you have to find someone to team up with and draft your way to the finish. Justin and I will be looking out for each other in that one.

So Saturday ends and then comes Sunday which is wholly uneventful except for my spurt where I went out and bought printer cartridges. Yep, that’s Sunday. Today was kinda boring too, just classes. Last Marketing class, the final is next week. I am expecting a B in that class. I think I might get a 3.00 this semester, which isn’t bad but sure does deviate from my 3.75s of the last 2 semesters. Right now I will be studying for my accounting quiz tomorrow, which could very well decide if I get a good grade in that class or not.

As a side note, I have started to learn Object Oriented Programming. I already know it a little from VPython and a program I made for physics for game developers. The program created many particles and observed their reactions to a large meteorite object hitting a field of them. I wanted to create a real simulation of a large impact. It was not easy to do and is still incomplete, but my teacher liked it at the time. I’m moving into seeing it’s uses in PHP. So far I haven’t examined a a huge advantage or need in my programming needs, that can’t be met with regular old functions and includes but I am learning. Give me a couple more days and I will have a script or something that does something neato.

With that I bid you ado

shatter a final

LP – Specially brewed to your tastes

Never leave home without it

Is it real or is it fake?

Really want to shatter something? Use this.

I love Econ

Guys, we are screwed.

  1. Really appreciated your help this last weekend. Ironically the tow junction boxes that were giving us problems ultimately got ripped out to make sure we have room for the new duct work.

    I expect to have the New furnaces and electrical done by this weekend. Might be warm enough to get in the water this weekend…

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