The fun don’t stop

Hi everybody!

Hi Dr. Nick!

The fun just doesn’t stop come summer time. Nope, working for JRCA now (there is irony within that.) It’s a lot to take in all at once. No formal education and then to learn something that 3 people with 4 years of CompSci education have been nursing along and creating organically in couple of days is quite the challenge. It’s gonna take a while before I actually can create something from scratch, but for now I’m proud to be the Quality Assurance Director. Self chosen name. I think it speaks to what I do. I improve the quality of the source code and I’m trying to improve the quality of our services and our image. Not that they are bad or anything. No, my god what they have done. It’s really amazing and the guys are all very dedicated. It’s an honor to be surrounded by people who know what they are doing and care about it so much. I’m trying to bring in some of the business side "experience" and intuition that I have. It’ll be fun and I just hope I pull my worth.

Going to see star wars tonight. Yea! I get to watch the most immature teenage actor I have ever seen become the all powerful Lord Vader. It’s just not right, it should have been me. The transportation situation could prove a little annoying for some. I apologize for not having a car of my own; I’m working on it.

In a few seconds I will be making some barbecued porkchops covered with canadian bacon. I think it will taste good. Having no recipe I just go with the flow and hope I don’t poison whoever eats it. I like cooking. I have like 4 recipes in my repertoire now that I have kind of formulated on my own. It’s pretty sweet.

Elizabeth has been bringing me food so far this week form her work. It’s really good and it’s been nice to see her after work every day and eat with her. That’s why I feel I should cook tonight.

shatter this rain

  1. Is it raining? I’ve been in a small box the whole time. Perhaps I should leave. Yes, that’s a good idea. Time for Justin to call today quits. It’s a pleasure to have you working for JR!

  2. I think it’s good that you are going to cook for Lizzie. She deserves it, what with putting up with you and all. 😉

  3. TheGirlfriend

    I do wish that this rain will stop soon. Dinner was great!!! I love coming home to you after a long day at work and then eating with you too. I don’t know if i deserve it, but I do like it. I hope you guys have a great time at the Star Wars movie. I just wish I could have come along.
    Shatter work!

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