That’s one small step for mankind…

…and one giant leap into a new world. It’s been a while since I last posted on the internet because I went out into the sunlight and discovered the joy that is people. (Well mostly joy anyway.) Spent a year or so with that idea and decided it was time that I started doing something with my life; and began to take action in forming a business. The business takes shape in a web design/web hosting/whatever else we do kind of idea. This has been a long time dream of my friend, webmaster over at rinsefirst, and me. We are finally getting a solid start on it with our first major step in buying co-location space. For those who don’t know what that means don’t worry. All you need to know is that it means you can access all of the sites hosted under JRCorps faster and with more reliability. It also means that if you decide to host with our reasonable rates and solid customer service we are able to provide you with many more services.

Did I just work an advertisement into that last paragraph? Anyway…as I was saying, this is looking to be like a great step in the right direction. I’m hoping to join in with some of the designing going on (Not normally the task of the CEO) and that is where we come to the “shatteredcube”. I created it as a kind of test ground and a place to show off my design skills and to further learn the many languages that make up the pages you see.

The whole idea behind the name “shatteredcube” is that the web has been growing at an exponential rate and with each growth it becomes uglier and uglier because it is confined to what people have been doing since the beginning. I’ll admit that it was even hard for me to give up my old ways in favor of the new standards proposed by the w3c. However, it is plain to see that this is the way of the future and for the sake of the internet we need to start realizing it’s potential.

For the time being the web site will be visually under construction and if you are visiting it is likely that there is nothing really for you to see. Do not fret because that tends to be the norm with a web site; links broken, missing element, nothing in a database, non-existent image, failing sessions, slow downs, etc. It’s the price you pay for reading a newspaper in a test site.

Not much else to say but I look forward to your returning visits and if you need any web design done drop me an email at and I will find the most suitable designer for your needs.

Have you shattered a cube today?

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